Stellungnahme von „Discipline“

An dieses Stelle veröffentlicht die Oire-Szene-Redaktion eine kurze Stellungnahme von „Discipline“ aufgrund des auf Youtube aufgetauchten und mittlerweile gelöschten Videos von einem Konzert für eine russische Nazigruppierung in Moskau – soll sich Jede(r) eine eigene Meinung dazu bilden. Wir bleiben da eher skeptisch:

We, the band Discipline, would like to state that we are in no way connected nor tolerate right-wing ideology. We do not condone right-wing propaganda nor do we tolerate the expression of right-wing ideology wherever we are or with things we are involved with.

We have been shocked to see that certain right-wing organizations use Discipline videos for their propaganda purposes and thus we state here very clearly that we are not responsible for the production or authorization of such videos.

We, as a band, have no political message ourselves, but would like to make it very clear that we do not want to be associated with any right-wing organizations or parties.

We were never contacted or asked for permission by anyone responsible for putting certain videos on the internet or other associations that might be made.

We distance ourselves clearly from ideologies like nazism, fascism, racism or whatever the ideology might be that is not about living free and being who you want to be.

We believe in freedom and justice, not in theories that enslave and opress people.

We are sure we have made ourselves clear. Thanks.

Discipline 2010

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