„4 Skins“ goes Rechtsrock?‏

Wir dokumentieren an dieser Stelle einen Hinweis zum neuen Album der englischen Skinheadband „The 4 Skins“, welche nach wie vor auch bei vielen unpolitischen bis linken Skinheads beliebt ist – eine mehr als traurige Entwicklung dieser Band:

The latest4 SKINS album called „The return…“ released in Germany by Randale Records smells of right wingpolitics!!!

Song „Take no more“ from their new album is directed against all immigrants living in the UK.

„….Immigrants overun our land. Benefits office with an outstretched hand

Competing for our homes and jobs. Begging in their gypsy mobs

Our country is full, fear the worst. Shouldn‘t we put our own people first…“

Of course is politically incorrect which is ok but also full of fuckin‘ British nationalist ignorance!

So tell me know how the fuck most imperialist country in the world such as UK which had colonies on every continent and has
been build by hands of immigrants can represent that bullshit???

Another song called “Soldiers Graves”

…Many young men fighting, salute the ones that died

Marching into battle following a flag with pride

A reason to be fighting, their country and their queen

For their mates and their regiment and families rarely seen

In this song The 4 Skins clearly support stupid war in Afghanistan where occupation of this country by the British troops is
strongly portrayed and shown in this song as defence of the UK
The 4 skins played recently a benefit gig for the “National Heroes” British troops who served duty in the war in Afghanistan.

Also paying a tribute to the rotten Queen is a kind of a fuckin’ joke. How the fuck skinhead band can sing such shit???

Is also worth to note that recently The 4 Skins shared stage with right wing scum from London Die Hards and I.C.1. band where
members of those bands are ex-nazis from bands like Razors Edge or nationalist oi! band Retaliator.

Don‘t waste your money on the new album of these cunts! Show them what they deserved to be shown! They fucked up the good name of the legendary band for all skinheads in the world The 4 Skins! This band is not the same as it used to be in 80′ties! Is full of fuckin‘ right wing nationalist politics and guess who is following their gigs???? Don‘t be surprised when you’ll find in audience standing next to you a fascist cunt with swastika tattoo on his arm.

This message is directed to all band promoters etc. There shouldn’t be place on our scene for the nationalist scum!!!

Pass on this message forward and let know all skinheads who the fuck are 4 skins today!

Quelle: Statement zu „4 Skins“ vom „Skinhead Revolt Zine“ (Mitorganisator des Antifascist Oi! Festivals im Februar in London).

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