RAC – Rock Against Communism … or White Power?

Mal wieder ein lesenswerter Artikel unserer tschechischen Genoss_innen – die Intervention beim verhinderten Konzert der Berliner Nazipunkband „Punkfront“ in Prag im Februar 2011 hat dann doch auch in Tschechien höhere Wellen geschlagen – deshalb nun folgender Artikel:

Our article about the concert Punkfront provoked more response than we expected, especially in the context of the upcoming performances of other bands of a similar nature. We therefore decided to pursue this issue a little more in depth. Punkfront is not the only band that tries to ride the line between apolitical and neo-Nazi scene. Long term, this area is occupied by groups that claim to have played „Rock Against Communism“, or if the RAC. Who but really hides behind this name?

RAC was founded in England eighties as a counterweight to the RAR (Rock Against Racism – Rock Against Racism) . Rock Against Racism was a musical festival held in 1978. It was organized by the Anti-Nazi League as an expression of resistance to the growing wave of racism in the English music scene with the impact of neo-fascist National Front party of the skinhead scene. A procession of more than a hundred thousand people passed the time of Trafalgar Square in London’s East End, where he held an open air festival with the participation of bands like The Clash and The Buzzcocks. It was originally planned for only one concert, but soon the idea of ​​committed performances by musical groups, anti-racism became a campaign in which to involve more and more bands, particularly the traditionally free-punk environment.


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