May Day 2011 in Prague and „Hardcore is More Than Music“ DVD

„Fire and Flames“ schreibt:

This year we were fortunate enough to, although in very small numbers (two of us!) spend the 1st of May a little differently….namely at the „Mayday Festival“ in Prague.

Put briefly…a very worthwhile visit which we hope to repeat in the years to come. Organized on a non-profit, befenit donation entrance basis, with somewhere in the vicinity of 10.000 people attending, on a beautiful location by the river, with two stages, culturally vary varied, lots of young people and children (with a very good childrens section), political debates and presentations well attended, and despite the amount of people no stress, fights, or problems. Again, we were very impressed and we send a big thanks to the AFA people for letting us be a (very small) part of it!

Furthermore, during our visit, we picked up some copies of this fine documentary…


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