A Brief Summary Of Real Oi! From An Anti-Fascist Perspective

Ein interessantes Interview bezüglich Interventionen gegen die Grauzone gibt es auf dem enflischen „Street Voice“-Blog zu lesen:

What is Real Oi! you may ask? Well many of us are trying to work that out for ourselves but I guess it’s something bands such as Close Shave, Code 1, Condemned 84, Pressure 28 and the likes of Tattooed Mother Fuckers see themselves. They would say they are just being Anti-PC but lets face facts they’re quick enough to moan about everything else bar fascism and racism? I’d just put the term ‘Real Oi!’ down to a few mentalists.

Why Do You Think They Avoid Discussing Fascism and Racism? Well most of the bands who describe themselves ‘Real Oi!’ have members who were and still are associated with the Far Right. Let’s face it many of their fans are from the Far Right so they’re hardly likely to alienate their audience. That would be lunacy of the highest order!

Is Fascism And Racism A Recent Thing In Oi? No not really! If you go back to the Mid-Eighties bands like Condemned 84, Close Shave and Section 5 were happy to share stages with the likes of Skrewdriver. In fact one of Close Shave had one of their members playing with the Far Right band ‘Razors Edge’. In the 90’s bands like Another Mans Poison, Blank Generation and Pressure 28 were all happy to be linked with the Far Right. In fact Blank Generation were more open than most by painting Celtic Cross symbols on their guitars – Check out their debut single ‘Another Victim’ as proof of this. However there are ties with the Far Right that go back as far as 1979.

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Besonders zutreffend findet die Oire Szene Redaktion folgende Aussage:

Why Does Real Oi! Seem To Come And Go?

I guess this is down to the fact of how the UK Blood And Honour scene operates. In times of plenty of gigs, record deals etc in the B+H scene the so called ‘Apolitical’ bands and crowds all suddenly find their right arms stiffening up again. When times are bad for the likes of Blood And Honour the Nazi’s then become Apolitical again in order to be accepted back into Street Punk circles and get gigs etc. They seem to have more faces than Big Ben.

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