Infariot – The Conclusion

Die Auseinandersetzung zwischen den „Angelic Upstarts“ und „Infariot“ haben Ihren Höhepunkt erreicht – die Positionierungen sind mittlerweile eindeutig, so dass sich weitere Diskussionen wohl erübrigen. An dieser Stelle verweisen wir auf die letzte Stellungnahme von Mensi, dem Sänger der Angelic Upstarts:

For the past couple of weeks talks have taken between Marc (MAD Tour), Mensi and myself with no input from Infa Riot regards Barry Damery and his close ties to the Far Right. In fact I’d copied Lee Wilson in many of the emails but there has been no response from him or any other member of Infa Riot. Due to this lack of input from the Infa Riot camp Mensi issued this final statement.

“Barry is scared? Barry does not own the rights on being scared. He was not scared when he attacked me and the left publicly. I do not believe Infa Riot or Barry are Nazis. But Barry is guilty of colluding with a known Nazi and then defending him and his position. He has created this position himself. To be perfectly honest Marc I have no sympathy for him or Infa Riot . It was a quite simple task for him to distance himself and the band from Nazis but he chose to defend them and attack me quite publicly. This puts me in a position of being the instigator of all the problems and me being once again the focus of the Nazis. I have been on the road for 34yrs I think I have done enough to earn a little respect but none was forthcoming from Infa Riot , indeed quite the opposite. You say we don’t need it now marc? I don’t need it anytime. This situation has been created and fuelled by Infa Riot not me, I withdrew to make them see sense and up to date they have done nothing to placate the situation in fact quite the opposite. I went to great lengths to explain this to Lee Wilson and I pleaded with him to send me Barry’s statement before releasing it but they chose to go their own way with total disregard for my advice. The whole thing angers me no end as it could have all been avoided quite simply and easily but they did not want that. They wanted to keep their right wing friends and promote their ideology. To be perfectly honest their excuses are piss weak. Only last week Lee Wilson was saying, ‘if what you say is correct’. If? He has had two months to check the information. If? He has eyes he can read his own web site can’t he? If people are now calling Infa Riot Nazis they have only themselves to blame. No one else only themselves! Barry claims to have no interest in politics? Not from where I’m sitting. He cant be that stupid so if he is not stupid he is with them because the rhetoric he uses is nothing less than Nazi. Absolutely nothing less than Nazi!”

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