Nazi-tolerant bands from Russia on tour in your country

An dieser Stelle eine Information von russischen Genoss_innen, welche vor möglichen Konzertauftitten der rechten russischen Hardcorebands „Transilvanian“ und „The Pack“ warnen:

Hello! We write to you to let you know about Nazi-tolerant bands that is going to play in your country. Its TRANSILVANIAN and THE PACK from Russia who go on European tour now. They pose as hardcore bands, but in fact they
have serious links to Russian Neo-Nazis. They and their fans always try to deny it, but their photos with well-known Russian Nazis talk louder then words. Read info and watch photos at the link and think to yourself: do you want this Nazi-tolerant liars to play in your city. Just recently they was posten on Russian Nazi-Watch – website that post info about Neo-Nazis and their supporters. Please, help to spread the info if you can. Stop Nazi-tolerant scum!

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