Britain’s Nazi Punk Scene Is Alive and Limping

Das „Vice“-Magazin schreibt in einem sehr lesenswerten Artikel über das Wiederaufblühen der englischen „Blood & Honour“-Nazimusikszene:

Ageing skinheads were forced to flee East London this weekend after a gig that a load of neo-Nazis were expected to attend was cancelled by the Mayor of Newham. Despite the fact the gig was called off, the venue – the iconic Boleyn Tavern, „glamourised“ by Elijah Wood in Green Street as a good place to get bottled after a West Ham match – had its windows smashed in anyway, most likely by anti-fascists.

The fuss was over a skinhead day out called Monsters of Oi, an event with no overt far-right agenda, but a suspicious amount of cross-over with the underground white power music scene – a soft front for something far more sinister. And this is nothing new. While anti-fascist groups have been rightly focusing elsewhere („political“ groups, like the EDL and BNP), pubs across the UK have recently been playing host to pissed-up, sieg-heiling men holding guitars.

This particular line-up had a number of bands whose members have links to Blood and Honour, the neo-Nazi network launched by Ian Stuart (awkward acquaintance of Suggs and singer of Britain’s seminal white power act, Skrewdriver) to fund the far-right in the early 90s. Not all of the bands on the original bill were Nazis, but a few former members of neo-Nazi pseudo terrorist group Combat 18 signed up on the Facebook guestlist to really nail down that weekend bigotry.


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