Anti-fascists call for boycott of neo-Nazi linked vegan cake shop

Anti-fascists in London are calling for an active boycott of a vegan cake shop in Camden which they claim has links to a violent gang of Italian neo-Nazis.

Cupcake fascism is a term made up by smug middle-class liberals to define what they see as contemporary fascism emerging from twee things and post-imperial British nationalism, essentially a longing for a return to a past which never existed. It reached its apex with the hashtagged, superficial erasure of social problems by cunts with brooms that was #riotcleanup. Nobody using the term seemed to think there really was a link between cupcakes and actual fascism.

But there’s a vegan cupcake shop in Camden which opened in August last year called Cakes’N’Treats, which anti-fascists in London are calling to be boycotted for links with a gang of violent Italian neo-Nazis. They don‘t want anybody (vegan or not) to spend money in there until they are happy links with the gang are broken. The gang are responsible for violent attacks in their native Italy and now stalking the streets of North London, causing trouble. London Anti-Fascists told us they are calling for an “active boycott of Cakes’N’Treats, until we are assured that the links between [owner] Kim K and the neo-Nazis are broken.”


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