Stellungnahme von WWF und MDB zu den erhobenen Vorwürfen

Dear all! On behalf of What We Feel and Moscow Death Brigade we are presenting our official reply to the article called “Die Bands What We Feel und Moscow Death Brigade als Beispiel eines zu kritisierenden ‘Antifaschismus‘”, which accuses us and Russian militant Antifascist scene in general of being “fascist, homophobic, sexist” etc. While those accusations in general sound outright bizarre to us, we would like to answer these allegations in detail.

First of all we’d like to say that we’re happy that this subject has finally come to the public attention. For years now anonymous posters have been trying to hinder our tours sending letters with defamatory statements about our bands to the promoters and supporters. For example they were fruitlessly trying to cancel our Benefit Tour in support of the family of a murdered Russian Antifa activist Ivan Khutorskoi in May 2014, Ultrash Fest and Barrio Antifascista Fest.

While the promoters either had paid no attention to the hatemail or had been satisfied with our explanations, we still tried to meet with the authors for a proper discussion with representatives of European Antifascist scene acting as mediators, as our bands are always open for criticism. However the ill-meaning authors kept avoiding the dialogue.

Our bands can’t help but wonder why the authors never tried to discuss the topics of their article with us in the first place. Still clueless why this article was posted while we were on tour and why there had been no English (or preferably Russian) translation which didn’t let us to properly read it, understand it and reply to it on time. We have to admit that we see it as a dishonest approach, which is both disrespectful to us and to the readers. We also are unpleasantly surprised by the tone of the article. This and all of the above make us think that the real reason behind this activity is personal hostility.

We see this situation as a great opportunity to share the story of our bands that some of the readers might not be familiar with and to finally discuss the differences between Russian and European scenes and the ways to overcome them.

We’ve written this post in English, instead of our first language Russian, to make sure that people who want to read it and understand it can do so with as little difficulty, as possible, since members of Antifascist communities across the world usually use English to communicate with each other. A German translation is currently being worked on and will be posted as soon as possible.


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