English Nazis Are Planning a ‚White Man March‘ in Newcastle

Via „Vice Magazin“:

Newcastle has just breathed a sigh of relief following the passing of the weekend’s Pegida demonstration, when a few hundred bigots took to the streets to shout about Islamification. But the city will have to gear up for another, more extreme far-right street demo later this month. Neo-Nazis from across Europe are set to descend upon Newcastle for a protest against what organisers describe as the „systematic destruction of the white race“.

Until now, nobody has really noticed beyond a small handful of anti-fascists, because the Pegida demo was getting all the hype. The media has also been paying attention to the anti-Semitic „Liberate Stamford Hill“ protest in North London against the „Jewification of Britain“ which could take place on the same weekend.

The „White Man March“, taking place on the 21st of March, could be more significant than both. The Pegida UK protest was trying to latch onto the success of the German Pegida movement, which has seen tens of thousands of people take to the streets against Islam. But it doesn‘t really have much chance of that success. It’s basically a re-heated version of the ideas and tactics of the EDL with a different name. The Stamford Hill event, meanwhile, is organised by a lone neo-Nazi crank. The White Man March, on the other hand, sees several members of the far-right intent on bringing neo-Nazis together in a more open and better-organised way than has previously been the case.


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