Alert: Northwestern Hammerskins Annual Martyrs Day Celebration 2015, Washington State Weekend of December 5-6th.

Via „Rose City Antifa“:

On November 18, a member of the Stormfront white supremacist web forum posted an invitation for sympathizers to join the annual Robert Jay Mathews memorial, also known as the Martyrs Day commemoration. The Stormfront post asked for white supremacists to “Join us Sunday, Dec. 6th in Ballard, WA” and promised “five white power bands […,] a traditional cross burning […and…] marching through Capitol Hill in Seattle.” The attached event flyer mentions two of the promised white power bands, both of which are affiliated with the neo-Nazi Hammerskin Nation.

The Northwestern Hammerskins (NWHS) typically celebrate “Martyrs Day” on the first weekend of December. This event memorializes Robert Jay Mathews, a leader of the white supremacist terror group The Order/Brüder Schweigen who died in a siege and firefight with federal authorities at Whidbey Island, Washington on December 8, 1984. Neo-Nazis often travel to Whidbey Island to pay tribute to Mathews--a photo from last year shows over thirty Hammerskins and allies posing on the Island. This year, the Hammerskins want to show themselves in a less remote location, promising events near Ballard and Seattle instead of or as well as just going to Whidbey Island. This is a major escalation by the Hammerskins.

And: Call to Action: Smash the Hammerskins in Seattle December 6th
Seattle anti-fascists march to confront no-show white supremacists

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