Neo-Nazi Oi Fest Returns to Tonopah, Arizona

„New Times Phoenix“:

Been jonesing for some slam-dancing, rampant sieg heil-ing, and sweaty camaraderie with fellow racist, white-pride skinheads?

Well, look no further than deepest, darkest Tonopah, where in past years local white nationalists have held Arizona Oi Fest, an ofay-supremacist celebration of punk’s lumpen musical cousin, which is known by the Cockney exclamation „Oi!“ and comes in two distinct flavors: anti-fascist and fascist.

Indeed, historians of the subgenre will tell you that non-racist Oi pre-dates the neo-Nazi variety. But it’s the latter that’s on tap at Tonopah’s Oi Fest, which in past years has featured the repetitive, ear-splitting chords of bands like Max Resist, White Knuckle Driver, Slaghammer, and Stormtroop 16.

Held on the property of Oi enthusiast Troy Stephen Smith-Petersen, previous incarnations of this low-rent, DIY Nuremberg rally have included Jell-O shots, swastikas aplenty, and a trashed van that attendees got to smash with a sledgehammer. (It was either that or horseshoes, apparently.)

New Times has alerted readers to Oi Fest before but hasn‘t heard a thing about the xenophobic fete at least since 2013. So when Smith-Petersen recently began promoting the prejudice party on Facebook, with videos of bands that have played the event and an Oi Fest patch for sale to raise money for the venture, New Times decided to give Smith-Petersen a call and see what was up.

Initially, the amateur concert promoter claimed he didn‘t want to chat, pointing to past write-ups of his bigot bash that were, admittedly, a tad cheeky.


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