MEANTRAITORS – psychobilly for rightwingers and nazi-skins on tour through Europe

The russian Psychobilly-Band THE MEANTRAITORS is touring through europa. The „2017 Spring-a-Bily-Tour“ started in Latvia on March 3rd and will be finshed in Krakow on April 9th. The first seven concerts were be played. But since some activists recognised who is coming to their cities and their clubs more and more concerts were cancelled because of the involvement of the band into the selfproclaimed unpolitical rock scene in Russia whic his well connected to the Rock-Against-Communism (RAC) and also the Blood & Honour network in Russia and Europe. It is really disturbing that a Band with very good contacts to rightwing subcultures and with rightwing fans is playing in alternative (White Trash / Berlin) or even communist (ARCI Camalli / Italy) and leftwing locations. It is aweful that a band like MEANTRAITORS which since the 90ies has no problem with RAC bands and fans can eash their brown attitude as unpolitical.

The background of the band MEANTRAITORS is in Russia well known. Since the late 90ies the band was involved into different controversial debates. The band played 1997 together with the RAC bands Sturm and Vandal in Moscow. Soon after that gig a concert with the russian Blood & Honour Band Kolovrat was planned. The leadsinger Stas Bogorad knew the nazi-band Kolovrat from the early 90ies, when he was one of the organisers of a concert for Kolovrat. The connection to rightwingers continues until today. In 2014 the band played a concert with the russian racist metal band Korroziya Metalla. The singer of this band was involved in different activities connected to nazis since the 90ies. But even more disturbing is that this band is using the nazi-symbol‚ black sun‘ in their band-logo. In december 2015 the MEANTRAITORS played with the right wing rock band Via Sboi from Sankt Petersburg which is part of the RAC movement in russia. So, the band MEANTRAITORS has no problem to party, to play and to organise concerts with RAC, Blood & Honour and other rightwing bands.


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